Today in the city Newbern 15.08.2018
13 things I wish I knew about breastfeeding before I had a baby

When I was pregnant, I had dreamy visions of breastfeeding my son on a lounge chair, holding him peacefully while looking out at the ocean and perhaps sipping a glass of lemonade. In reality, breastfe...

Woman says intruder with knife tried to take her newborn

Police say they've arrested the woman who is accused of trying to barge into an Osoyoos home, with the resident claiming the intruder was trying to kidnap her newborn baby. The intruder, a 45-year-ol...

'This country … chews up firefighters': A month of death on California's fire lines

Ben Newburn faced a group of weary firefighters gathered a few mornings ago with one message: Safety before anything else. The veteran fire management officer for U.S. Forest Service recounted the num...

Mourning orca mother still carrying dead calf more than two weeks later on 'tour of grief'

An endangered orca was spotted Wednesday still clinging to her dead and decomposing calf, more than two weeks after her newborn died in what scientists have said is an "unprecedented" showing of grief...

West Fargo Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Drowning Newborn

A West Fargo woman accused of drowning her newborn child in a bathtub has pleaded not guilty to charges including murder.

Joanna Gaines posts aftermath of 'all-nighter' with newborn son Crew

The mother of five just revealed that despite their often picturesque image, sometimes things get a little messy.

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